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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:    What is needed to lock in my date?

A:    Date is only locked in with fully executed agreement and receipt of security deposit. There is no deadline for this, but we cannot hold your date without funds received.


Q2:    When are full location fees due?

A:    All fees, deposits and records, including certificate of insurance, the balance of the rental fee, are due 3 days in advance of your event. For Weddings, total balance is due 60 days before event failure to comply with this deadline may result in the cancellation of the event, revocation of the agreement, and forfeiture of all fees and deposits paid. Permits, contracts, and agreements are nontransferable.


Q3:    When can I or my vendors begin loading in?

A:    Hours stated on the Agreement include time for set-up and clean-up. Arranging for set-up and clean-up is Renter’s responsibility. Caterers usually require 2 hours to set up and up to 1 hour to clean up. The Renter or vendors are not permitted on the Tiffany’s Palace’ s grounds until the start of the rental time unless agreed upon in writing by TP, so please schedule accordingly. All events must conclude, and the facilities must be cleaned and vacated, by contracted ending time. Renter will be charged an overtime fee for any additional time used by the renter or caterer. The overtime fee will be subtracted automatically from the damage deposit.


Q4:     What happens if it is raining on my event day?

A:    Tiffany’s Palace reserves the right to make any physical changes to the facilities or the grounds. In the event of inclement weather, Tiffany’s Palace is not responsible for relocating the event, supplying heat lamps, or rain shelter, or providing alternative facilities.


Q5:     Any decoration restrictions?

A:    Fire shows or burning material is NOT allowed unless approved in writing by Tiffany’s Palace MGMT. No tape, adhesives, nails, screws, staples, tacks or pins are allowed in or on walls, woodworking, windows, furniture, masonry, building exteriors or grounds. All decorations must be removed after the event. Confetti, rice, or birdseed may not be thrown. Flower petals or bubbles are suggested alternatives.


Q6:     How much photography is included when in contract?

A:    For events up to 100 guests, 2 hours is included. Up to 150, 3 hours, up to 200 4 hours, and over 200 is 5 hours. Additional photography may be purchased. Tiffany’s Palace reserves the right to photograph all events for social media and marketing purposes.


Q7:     What is the parking situation? 

A:    Events under 100 may park on the street but no more than 15 cars on Rayen St. There is a $1,000 fine if more than 15 cars are parked on Woodley Ave.  Any event over 100 must hire a valet. We have a preferred (but not mandatory) valet that is $700-$1200


Q8:     Which rooms are available?

A:    For regular events, no bedrooms are available unless agreed upon with TP. For Weddings, 2 suites are available. North-East Master Suite and South-West bedroom are available for day use for bride and groom.


Q9:     Until which time can the event go?

A:    Outside event must end at 10pm. However, music can be brought inside with the doors closed until any agreed upon hour. If event extends past agreed upon hours, clients will pay an overtime fee per the agreement.


Q10:     Who is responsible for furniture movement?

A:    Guest is responsible for moving furniture. If guest needs TP to move furniture, there is a $500 fee. If guest moves furniture, they must move everything back to how its original place to be verified by TP site-rep at final walk through.


Q11:    When do my rentals need to be off the property?

A:    Rentals need to be off the property by agreed upon load out time. If furniture needs to be stored in garage until 11am next day, there is a $500 fee. If furniture needs to be stored until 6pm, the fee is $1000. If furniture is on site past 6pm day after event, security deposit is forfeited unless agreed upon in writing by TP. 

Q12:    Can I sell tickets to the event or have a cash bar?

A:    Under no circumstances can tickets be sold to the event or solicitation of money in any manner is allowed without express written permission of Tiffany’s Palace. NO cash bars are allowed at any events. 


Q13:    When is checkout for overnight?

A:    For overnight, check out is 11am. Late checkout only available if in writing by TP and can only be communicated no earlier than 24 hours before start date of event to ensure there is no conflicting event.


Q14:    Who is responsible for cleaning?

A:    Guests are responsible for all trash and rental removal. TP will do all sweeping and mopping. In some cases, there could be a fee for excessive cleaning if trash isn’t removed or broken glass found around property. Renter is responsible for arranging for trash removal for events exceeding 100 guests. If trash is not removed, a $300 fee will be deducted from the security deposit.


Q15:    What insurance is required?

A:    Guests must get a certificate of insurance that covers $1 million per occurrence and $2 million aggregate and Host Liquor liability. Tiffany’s Palace needs to be additional insured. The vendors also need to list TP as additional insured.

Q16:    Can I bring my own security?

A:    TP requires that our security runs the door and enforces house rules. Guests are allowed to bring their own security for additional protection but cannot replace our security as head of security.


Q17:    How loud can my music be outside?

A:    Legally, the max allowed is 70 decibels. Our site reps and/or security team will be periodically measuring volume with a device and letting DJ know if music must be turned down. After 3 warnings, TP has the right to shut the event down. 


Q18:    Anything else I need to know?

A:    Tiffany’s Palace is not responsible for any personal or professional articles or possessions that may be lost or stolen from Renter and/or Renter’s guests, participants, or contracted service providers during their use of the facilities and/or grounds. No pets or animals of any kind are allowed in the facility, except for service animals unless agreed upon in writing by TP. No gambling is allowed. No indecent or illegal conduct is allowed.

Q19:    When do I get my security deposit back?

A:    Security deposit is returned 48-72 hours after completion of event after TVV staff has completed full walk through for damages and contractual obligations.


Q20:    What happens if Tiffany's Palace Cancels the event?

A:    If event is canceled by Tiffany’s Palace due to unforeseen circumstances a full refund will be provided to Renter.

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